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Jewellery workshops presents:


A conceptual and technical workshop addressed to people with basic jewelry making knowledge. After a theoretical lecture on necklaces and their movements, portability, connections and clasps, a conceptual research on shape will follow.

* Basic goldsmithing skills are required

Participants will be guided in a conceptual research to explore unconventional solutions towards finding shapes that create interesting links, locks, connections and movements.
After testing ideas for links, clasps and movements in paper and cardboard, the students will work on making a necklace in brass, aluminum or other metal using different goldsmithing techniques.

Join this master class from July 25th until July 28th 2024

at the atelier of Sieraden Collectief Corantijn in de Baarsjes Amsterdam.

• You will receive a booklet with illustrations of different connections, closures, chains, images of modular jewellery and technical explanation.
• This course provides a great jumping board for jewellery makers who are looking to do design research and get inspiration for a new collection.
• 4 full days of work (36 hours). A small group (max 6 ppl.) to ensure lots of personal attention and guidance. Material (exc. silver) is included.


•Day 1: Introduction to modular necklaces. Contemporary examples, investigating connections, links, clasps and parameters of wearability. Starting conceptual research on shapes by making prototypes for links in paper and cardboard.

•Day 2: Continue cardboard prototypes and investigate different solutions and their potential. Individual talks about designs and appropriate solutions for different necklace options.

•Day 3: Trying out different options of connections and clasps in silver, alloys, aluminium, brass. copper. Working on chosen design.

•Day 4: Working on final pieces, individual talks, tackling technical questions.
A festive presentation of the works done during the workshop!

The goal of the course is to make participants think of and create unconventional solutions for a modular necklace, by devising multiple ways for connections, links and locks. There might also be the possibility to extend the research on a plan for a collection.

Lavinia Rossetti is a jewellery designer and educator based in Florence (IT).
She investigates the performative possibilities of jewellery by creating pieces that generate a bond with the movements of the wearer.
Rossetti taught at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence and currently teaches at the European Institute of Design in Milan.
She has been conducting workshops at the Academy of International Visual Arts, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art

Email: sieradenworkshopsamsterdam @ gmail com