Available workshop spots: 18/05 - 22/06

Mitsuro Hikime May 26th


Join us with candle lights and tea at our first Mitsuro Hikime workshop!

Mitsu - Honey

Ro - Wax

Hiki - Drawing

Me - Texture

This blended wax made of beeswax and pine-resin, is a 1300 years old Japanes art form.

The Workshop is including 1 silver ring and extra Mitsuro to take home!

Willem Schoutenstraat 21

Although it might seem a bit tricky at first to work with this wax, with a light touch, a bit of patience, and some commitment during our workshop, you'll be surprised at the creative wonders you can design with it!

Mitsuro-hikime is a pliable wax. As you get into the process, it develops this awesome linear pattern that adds a unique touch to your designs. It's perfect for simple designs because Mitsuro-hikime can fold, curl, intertwine, and add beautiful surface details to your work.

The workshop fee includes 1 silver ring, but of course you are welcome to cast as many as you like!

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