Available workshop spots: 18/05 - 22/06

Jewellery workshop May 18th Amsterdam

105.00 - 165.00

Come and make your own jewellery during our workshop!

A great class for anyone who is interested in making jewellery, even if you have no prior experience with goldsmithing and jewellery design. In this 3,5 hour jewellery making workshop we will bring you step-by-step through the 6000-year-old sculpting process of carving wax to produce a wax-master. These masters are used in the casting process of jewellery and sculpture making. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques, including carving and malleable wax forming and the use of different tools typically used in goldsmithing. After the workshop your unique design will be cast in sterling silver by us. We will then polish the ring, ready for you to wear!

Class description

This class starts from the beginning and covers everything you need to know about the process of the lost wax method. There are relatively few tools and materials needed to work with wax and the results are always great. You will learn to saw, file, refine and create your own unique designs in wax. We will have enough time to try out several things and to make a number of designs.

General info:

Willem Schoutenstraat 21

All wax, tools as well as plenty of tea and biscuits are provided during the workshop! The classes are run by Sophia Zobel and Lieselot Versteeg, 2 tutors with years of experience as goldsmiths and designers and 5 years of Jewellery teaching.
The classes are bi-lingual (EN/NL)

The fee of the workshop is 165€ including 1 silver ring which we will polish for you!

Of course you are also welcome to make more jewellery pieces during the workshop!
An additional ring is 40€ casting and polishing costs + 2.5€ per gram of silver.
1 gram of wax is 11 grams of silver and an average ring is between 8 and 15 grams of silver.

find out more about our workshop in the "about" section on our website!

-IDEAL payments: Check out our linktr.ee/jewelleryworkshop (send us an email afterwards with your email address please)
-Creditcard and Paypal available here

Do you have goldsmith experience and tools at home for polishing?
In that case you can book a spot for 105€ and then we will calculate how much you will pay additionally at the end of the workshop for casting and silver. You do not have to pay for the polishing costs in this case. (Do note that we are excellent polishers ;)

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!
Lieselot and Sophia